Steve’s Weekly Update for October 15

Hello Members,

Thank you to the members and other friends of the farm who visited on Saturday for the farm harvest open house.  14 young people each got a pumpkin!   The pot luck was wonderful and everyone shared lots of good food.  (by the way, if anyone knows which young backhoe driver – we had a group of boys hanging out on the backhoe, having fun – made off with the key, we’d love to get THAT back….)

Before I go any further I want to explain and offer a remedy to a problem that we had the last few weeks with the pears.  First we had the over ripe red Bartlett’s.  Word from members is that most were simply tossed.  Then last week we had the amazing bosq pears, but unfortunately not ENOUGH pears to give what we promised.  So to make up for those blunders this week there will be 3 pounds per share of amazing Velarde red delicious apples for each share at no charge.

We also offer these apples also for processing at $30 per bushel (4 0 lbs) or $1 per pound on a special order basis.  We will include the apples in the shares during the fall as well.  We think that you will be very happy with the flavor and quality.  If you do any processing of apples, these will be the best value we can offer.

Remember to participate in the poll of members this week: to state your preferences and help guide winter share product mix.  Thank you to Anita for coordinating this poll.  

Another topic that has generated much member comment lately is the continued preponderance of pomegranates.  This is one of the archetypal situations, like cooking greens, where some members cannot get enough, and for other members, it is all just too much…  We really just HAVE to keep the poms in the weekly share, they are just too special to overlook, and in relative terms their time of availability is limited.  But we do need to use the exchange table approach to give members who want less some choice, as well as to offer extra to members who want more.  So this week at Kitchen Angels and at El Dorado we will also put some other items on the exchange table so that members can trade in their poms.  This is not a perfect solution, but we hope it will be some help.

We also got word that the salad mix weekly amount was too high, so that has also been reduced the last two weeks and will be kept lower as Mesa Top Salad winds down.

Over the last few weeks of the summer CSA we will start including some winter produce items such as pie pumpkins, and more onions and potatoes. 

FIREWOOD!  We are reducing the price for delivered cords of firewood from last year: it will be $300 per chord and $165 per ½ chord.  This price includes 2 men for ½ hour for unloading and stacking to your specifications

All the best!

Steve W



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4 responses to “Steve’s Weekly Update for October 15

  1. Dear Steve,
    We love the idea of the exchange table! Not just for Poms but for all items.
    It may help me decide whether to join the winter program since I cannot eat potatoes or

  2. Re the bartlett pears. Even though they seemed over ripe and mushy, they were delicious. The soft parts are not spoiled. I refrigerated them right away and had days of incredible eating (with a spoon). If you are not sure if something is spoiled just smell or taste it and you will know.

  3. Alice and Morgan

    Pears are one of my favorite fruit! The red mushy pears were turned into topping (heated with a tad of brown sugar) to top a dutch baby Yummy! I think Amy provided that recipe. Great poem title: “Pears with Dutch Baby from Cooking Light.”Not everyone knows what “dutch baby” is, Don’t be alarmed. You bate it in rhte oven, like a giant popover. More pears, more pears!.
    And as for poms, last year I didn.t know what to do with them. Now I am making juice and it must be working, cause I feel great. Like Amy said, keep those recipes coming! They are inspiring,

  4. Alice and Morgan

    Dear Steve,
    Is the firewood already split?What kind of wood is it?

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