Do you still have your garlic braid?

I was cleaning last weekend and dusted my beautiful purple garlic braid hanging in my kitchen.  It was so stunning that I hung it instead of eating it.  There are quite a few garlic heads and I know that soft neck garlic does have a shelf-life so I went to work on how to eat this delicious garlic.  I figure it will continue to last for the fall and winter, but I wanted to do something special with some cloves.  I found a pickled garlic recipe that you can keep in the fridge or can for longer storage.  This website also has other ways to save garlic, such as freezing.

Click Here for the Garlic Website

Scroll down for the pickled garlic recipe.

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger


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One response to “Do you still have your garlic braid?

  1. Alice and Morgan

    Yes! We still have our lovely garlic braid.(minus some heads.) I hung it on the pot rack and love the color., What a treat! Never thought of dusting it, oh my!

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