This week’s share has great recipe potential

Here are my casual Friday thoughts on this week’s share. The small turnips we received this week look delicious and I love fall root vegetables cooked slowly with lovely spices. See recipe ideas below.  We also received fennel and there are tons of fennel recipes on the blog.  I have linked one below.  The pear is staring at me from my butcher block and tempting me for a recipe.  Luckily the recipe of the day from Andrew Weil was for pears.  It is listed below too.  I have not received any recipes or tips for a few weeks.  Send me your recipes or even food items where you need more blog information.

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger

Ginger Pears from the Weil website

Fennel recipes (including fennel mashed potatoes) from the blog

TURNIPS has storage tips and several recipe links.  One is to a creamy soup that sounds good for our new fall weather.
Click here for the link 

Epicurious has many recipes, some very fancy, for all types of vegetables.  I must be in a mashed potato mood because this is the one that I selected.  Maybe I will mix the fennel, turnips and potatoes to create a new recipe this weekend.
Turnip Mashed Potatoes from Epicurious

This website has some interesting food preparations, but they all look easy.  Check out the short description of turnips and the recipe links.  One of for turnip fries.
Click here for the link


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