Kale’s Amazing Health Benefits

I have been reading a lot of health information lately and I continue to see Kale listed as one of the healthiest vegetables.  We will receive some in this week’s share.  Cooking greens are a challenge for some people to cook and we certainly don’t want kale ending up in your compost bin.  The young kale that we will receive from Mesa Top farm should be sweeter than the summer kale due to the young age and the cooler weather.  There are recipes posted on this blog if you search for “kale” and then scroll down.  Any listing that includes the word “kale” will appear and it might not jump out and let you know that there is a recipe.  Generally, I title the entry with the vegetable or fruit being discussed, but if there are several it may be named recipe or something more generic. I have listed my favorite recipe links below to help you start to cook the kale this week.

This week’s newsletter from The World’s Healthiest Food website featured kale.  There is lots of health information detailing how kale can increase immunity, fight cancer, improve your lung function etc.  It also provides a nutrition profile with detailed information.  Kale is high in vitamin K, vitamin C and vitamin A. You can sign-up for this newsletter to arrive in email each week and receive recipes and nutrition information for many veggies!

The link below for The World’s Healthiest Food also provides storage, cooking tips and recipe information.  To retain all of the cancer fighting compounds, do not boil the kale.  Instead, saute or steam the kale.

Let me know if anyone has any additional tips, health information or recipes to post for cooking greens.  I will keep posting information on these each week.

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger

The World’s Healthiest Food link


Greens & Eggs and Stir Fry

Kale and/or Collards recipe from Carole


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  1. Alice and Morgan

    What a great link, Amy! (The World’s Healthiest Foods). Thanks!

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