Steve’s Weekly Update for October 8

Hello Members,

Fall has fell, or fallen. Anyway, it is here.  We have had successive 20 degree nights at Mesa Top last week.  For the most part, the frost hardy crops are faring well.  This week we are clearing some small plantings such as our fennel.  We have our first picking of fall kale and collards!  They live under row cover and are doing well. We also have a special treat from Shiraz:  Bosq pears.  I wish we had more as they are fabulous.  Remember that they ripen best in a paper bag. We also have what will likely be our second to last round of field tomatoes. For members who want to process tomatoes we expect one more ordering opportunity, for delivery on Oct 22.  Use the special order email to let Pattie know your requests. We are still trying to get a roasted chile deal for some time in October.

Today, I spoke with Luz Hernandez of Garden Hers Farm just north of Las Cruces.  She and I have been working together for the last four years and she is more excited than ever about her winter plantings for the CSA.  She has an acre of crops, salad mix, spinach, carrots, beets and arugula.  Each year her soil improves and her production process with it.  Last winter she was finishing a year of recovery from a serious knee injury and her capacities were still limited.  I hope to have some photos of her farm soon, to share with you via the blog and our Facebook group.  Luz’s report is great news for the fresh and regional food supply for the CSA this winter.  It will be harvested fresh on Tuesday, transported north by the COOP truck and in your shares on Thursday.  

Next week, the CSA locations will each have a consumer poll for our members to state their preferences and help guide winter share product mix.  Thank you to Anita for coordinating this poll.  Please allow a few extra minutes so you can vote your preferences and help us manage the CSA during off-season.

Thank you to Amy Hetager who has created CSA presence for Twitter and Facebook.  Won’t you friend us? Or perhaps you will want the youngsters in the next generation to do it. Call or email Amy to ask how to start with these sites. We are working to make the dialogue about the experience of local and regional foods more accessible, immediate and more interesting through social networking.

There is much work going on to move out of summer season and into fall and winter.  We thank you for your support and hope that you will continue as CSA members/eaters for the winter.

One last item:  FIREWOOD!  Mesa Top farm has been thinning and cleaning up the forested acres and pure finished product is firewood.  Last year we delivered nine chords of pinon and juniper mix to members and we have started filling up the wood lot for winter.  If you are interested in firewood for a fair price, delivered by a two person crew who will stack for you for 1/2 hour as you wish, email me and I’ll get back with you. 1/2 chord minimum,  prices for 1/2 and 1 chord are being worked out now.

All the best!

Steve W


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