Weekly Update from Steve for 10-1 & 10-2

Hello members,

As we settle into fall, and the mix of produce shifts, we also get to have our final tastes of certain summer flavors.  This week’s last hurrah is melons, from Farm and Fiddle in Las Cruces.  We hope that the positive experience of Farm and Fiddle with the CSA and the COOP will lead them to grow a lot more melons next year.

Based on member comments we have also reduced the salad mix portion.  This reflects a change toward more cooking as we get into cooler weather.  We will be looking to increase the variety of cooking greens as October progresses.

This week we also have gorgeous bell peppers from the NMDA Organic Experimental Station in Los Lunas, NM.  We hope to have these for several weeks, though these will likely be only week of extraordinarily large stuffing bells.

We also got a special opportunity to offer very ripe, very tasty red Bartlett pears.  They are very ripe, and need to be eaten right away, or baked or processed.

Unfortunately the farmer who offered carrots and beets for this week was a logistical failure, and we cannot get access to those.  But the good news is that Harmony Farm does have carrots and spinach growing for the CSA and plans to begin harvesting within the next couple of weeks

We have only two more weeks of the sweet poms.  The traditional, bright red poms will begin after that.

Thank you for your support of the CSA, and we welcome your suggestions as always!

Steve W


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One response to “Weekly Update from Steve for 10-1 & 10-2

  1. Alice and Morgan

    Thank you,Steve,for always providing us with good, healthy and fresh produce! I for one am never tired of the Mesa Top salad greens. They’re my favorite jewels on Thursday. And I love the poms too!Cheers, Alice Lee

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