Pomegranate Recipe from Member Anita

I love to receive emails with new recipes and ideas.  Member Anita sent this one for making drinks with the pom seeds.  I love the flavor combination and can’t wait to get a fresh supply of pomegranates in the share today.  Thanks for emailing this Anita.

Keep the recipes and tips coming!  Often the best ones are from members either trying a recipe or creating one for the new foods.

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger

Pomegranate Dressing and Drinks by Anita

I made a great salad dressing by blending (in the blender) the following:

rosemary & lemon thyme
seeds from one whole pomegranate
Olive oil
Brown rice vinegar
a little water

I tried liquifying the seeds in the blender then pouring through a strainer to make juice. It works great and I gotta tell ya…pomaritas are a nice variation on the traditional margarita! Pomegranate-lemonade or limeade is a real treat too. I sweeten it with a touch of Agave or maple syrup.

When cooking almost anything that needs a little liquid added, I try to use something other than water to add flavor rather than dilute, often I use whatever I’m drinking at the time. The pomegranate juice is great for almost any dish! Not too strong, neither sweet nor tart, it seems to blend really well and it’s super healthy.


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