Steve’s Weekly Update for 9-10 & 9-11

Hello Members,

This week we mark the end of local peach season for the CSA and the beginning of pomegranate season.  Thank you all for your patience while we tried different ways to support our farmers and provide peach value for members.  Your feedback has been helpful.  It is always a bit of a challenge to balance price and quality and value.  I know that we blew it some times, and have worked to make it right when that happened.

For the next 4 weeks we experience the Shiroz Sweet Pom, an “exclusive” for the CSA.  Though it is not bright red outside, it is ripe and very sweet.  I was down at Shiraz today to pick up these poms, and photographed David demonstrating the technique for “dividing” a pom, for greatest efficiency and enjoyment.  We will be posting those pics to the blog and or our new facebook page ASAP.  

Whenever I go to Shiroz David has a surprise for me, and this time it was the red globe grapes.  We thought that we lost most of the Shiroz grapes to frost, but the red globes yielded well nonetheless.  We have enough for this week and next week.  You will notice that the stems on these are somewhat dried out, and that is usually the case with the grapes we get from Shiroz.  This is because David knows that the way to get the grapes to full ripeness and flavor is let them go past the point where the stems look fresh.  It is likely that if anyone saw those grapes in a store, they would pass over them, believing them to be spoiled.  In fact, we think you will love their flavor

Mesa Top.  Cukes and squash are still hanging in there.  And we have a new bed of chard, our first fall greens, that is not very full, but needed to be harvested, so we also have small chard bunches.

Next week we will have bok choi from Mesa Top, and as the squash and cukes finally play out, roots and other greens will come in to replace them

Thank you for your support of the CSA, and we welcome your suggestions as always!

Steve W


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