Steve’s Weekly Update for 9-3

Hello members,

This week we have more local pears and peaches.  The peaches will be winding down in the next couple of weeks and shortly after, the AMAZING SHIROZ POMEGRANATES will begin.  First we get a unique, sweet pom that originates in Iran, that David Banikarim has introduced here on North American soil.  It is not as pretty on the outside, but it is tastier and easier to eat than the traditional, big seeded bright red pom.  I will keep you posted as we move toward pom time

Fall is descending very quickly at Mesa Top.  We have had 40 degree nights on and off for 3 weeks already.  It is cooler than I have ever seen it, earlier than ever.  And as dry as it has been, summer crops are giving up.  Summer squash and cukes are finishing quickly.

This week’s special treat is sweet corn from Ramah New Mexico.  Jackie and Olin Clawson grow a 5 acre patch of sweet corn in the fertile soil at the mouth of a small canyon below the Ramah dam.  The soil is fabulous and the flavor of the corn shows it.  No pesticides or other nasty ingredients, just good soil, fresh clean water, and New Mexico  sunshine.  Enjoy!

We are looking for a local source of roots:  carrots and beets, while the mesa top fall crop continues to size up.

We will also start including more cool season crops in the share, such as potatoes.  And cooking greens will make a return soon.

Thank you for your support of the CSA, and we welcome your suggestions as always!

Steve W


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