Weekly Update from Steve for July 30

Hello members,

Peaches peaches peaches!  The juicy sweet treat marches on…  there are just a few boxes of white shiroz peaches left, and along with them this week we have early peaches from “Freshies of New Mexico” (Christopher and Taylor Basset are the new owners/operators of the former Cottonwood Lane Orchard created by Walt and Betty Lea in Lyden, NM).  You will notice that the early peaches are “clingstone” which means that you cannot as easily separate the stone from the fruit.  These are NOT good processing peaches, but are great to eat fresh!

Mesa Top cucumbers begin this week.  We picked the first round small, so we are giving 3 to a share.  By next week we will have a larger size and will give 2 to a share along with 2 summer squash.  Based on our member’s surveys last year, this was a reasonable amount of these two tasty summer staples.  We do have extra of these items since we grow them also for wholesale, and so we can offer more in special order quantities.  We are also making pickles, which will soon be available for special order, AND if you want to make your own pickles, we can offer the pickle cukes as a special order item.  Watch for Amy’s Friday email with special order updates each week.

This week’s exciting, new item #1 is fennel from Red Mountain Farm in Abiquiu:  fennel recipes will be on the blog tomorrow.  We also have the first week of hothouse tomatoes from Tucker Farm in Embudo.  We expect to offer tomatoes regularly for a while.

Other fruit that is in our future:  summer apples, an early gold variety that has a very good flavor, not sweet like a fall (cool weather) apple, but tangy and rich.  Look for these in the next few weeks.

A word on beets:  The greens (tops) are very tasty even though they have been munched by grasshoppers.  And the roots will store for a long time in your fridge.  So the best plan is to eat the greens right away (or dispose of them if you do not like them) and store the roots and use them as you need them.  We will not have beets next week, then we will have them one more time, and then there will be a gap until fall.  We are also working on some cold beet salad recipes. So don’t look at the beets as a “use them or lose them” item: save them in the bottom of the crisper and we’ll have more ways to enjoy hem in weeks to come.

Another note on Garlic:  With the “pound at a time” approach to distributing the garlic, we will be only including garlic in the share every 6 weeks or so.  We are hoping that members will not find any difficulty holding their supply that long.  If members want garlic more frequently, perhaps we can also offer garlic as a special order item.  For folks who do not use as much garlic, peeled, in their cooking, another suggestion is to BAKE the garlic heads, whole, along with other roots such as beets and carrots.  The baked garlic is tasty and very easy to eat, it squeezes out of the skin very easily

Thank you for your support.  Please pass along your questions and comments and we will continue to do all we can to make the fresh produce season interesting and fun!

Steve Warshawer


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