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Last week member Tom Engel took this great photo at the Eldorado Farmer’s Market.  It shows all of our food in a basket with our sign.  Thank you Tom for taking this shot and we hope it makes it many more places!


Eldorado Farmer's Market

Eldorado Farmer's Market



This week has a great selection of food including radishes, turnips, snow peas and bok choi.  I plan to create stir fry entrees with these veggies.  I have learned that salad dressing is a nice finishing sauce for stir fry.  I bought a lemon thyme, garlic ginger and a sweet pepper sauce.  I can stir fry the veggies and add the sauces at the end.  I have also added pre-made rice for a quick fix.

We have posted radish recipes on the blog before and when I talk about them….more people send recipes.  I am in a hiking group and was talking about the great Mesa Top radishes and one of the organizers had a great summer soup recipe.  Thank you Ann for the recipe and I will try it this week.


Keep the recipes coming.  I would love to receive 3-5 new recipes per week so that we can post online and learn from each other.  My email address is in the top left corner of the blog and it is  You can also call me at 473-1403.  I also love to receive cooking tips, food storage tips and any information on the food.

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger


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