Recipes for this week

This week we received asian greens, green guage plums and ripe saturn peaches.  I have listed some recipes below to cover each of the items.  Many recipes include fresh ginger so you can use (if you have any left!) from last week.  The peaches were purchased at their ripe state so we recommend eating quickly or processing for baking.  The farm and Pattie made recipes last week and found the peaches to have a nice flavor when in jam or baked goods.  Look for more recipes posted on Friday.

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger

CARROTS from Mary

A thai salad.   Ginger marinade for tofu or other protein.  Salad greens, topped w/ the carrots, some cucumbers, the peas shelled, cilantro and then maybe a peanut or a ginger dressing.  I’ll probably serve this on top of rice noodles or just rice in the style of vietnamese salads.


This is a japanese green that is from the mustard family.  You can use this like all other greens in recipes for mizuna, arugula or kale.  I have done some research and listed links below.
Blog on Mibuna

Mibuna Quiche with Feta and Bacon


This is a japanese green similar to bok choy.  Here is a link describing it in more detail.
Click here for more information

Eat tatsoi raw in salad

Wilted Asian Greens with Ginger


I will post a longer article on green gage or guage plums tomorrow.  They have a more tart flavor than the red plums.  Pattie did some research and learned that you can use these plums in place of other plums in recipes.
Salad with Plums

Green Plum Chutney with Ginger

Other baking recipes


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