Update from Steve for June 25 & 26

 Hello members,

The share size continues to run pretty large.  I hope that folks are comfortable sharing the bounty with friends and others.  That’s kind of “where its at” for a little while as we get into the harvesting and delivery rhythm. 

This will be first week of green guage plums from Shiroz, and the second week of the amazing Saturn Peaches!  At the farm, we made a sample batch of jam with the mushy Saturn peaches and it was fantastic.  A slow cooking reduction process to remove the excess liquid and thicken up the sweet fruit is all you need to do.  We will keep giving the small and off sized/shaped saturns for as long as we can, probably one or two more weeks because they are such a unique “flavor” and amazing value as well.  If anyone wants to order a larger quantity for canning, let me know.  You can reduce and freeze or refrigerate.  No need for actual canning except in the case of larger quantities.

Finally, this week you will get to taste the elusive Desert Gardens carrots.  I sure hope they are worth the wait.  Hopefully we will have carrots for a few weeks in a row.  Please note that they will store real well in the fridge, so just keep accumulating them.  The greens will not hold up long, but the carrots will be fine…  At some point we will have gaps in the carrots and this way you will still have a local supply available from your own “cold storage”.

We have the Mesa Top’s last spring sowing of hakura turnips…  The roots are sweet enough to go in your salad, and the greens can be cooked.  And we have our first summer onions from Garden Hers Farm in Dona Ana.  We will give larger amounts of onions at a time periodically, instead of a weekly distribution of a smaller amount, since they will also store fine in your pantry.

Mesa Top continues with lettuce mix and tangy mibuna for your salads.  The cooking greens are tatsoi and kale this week. 

I want to express our gratitude for your support, and hope that you continue to enjoy the bounty and the variety.  A reminder that sharing it with friends is good for all involved!  Sometimes a taste is all that is needed to show see the value and opportunity to participate in the local and regional food system, supporting our farms and our families through Community Supported Agriculture.  Ask Amy or Pattie about the $10 Certificate for the CSA to support you for finding new members.  The new member just has to list you as the reason they contacted the CSA and you will get a certificate good for eggs, special orders or a new CSA membership.

Watch for information on grass finished beef and pork through the CSA in the next week or two, as well as our “slow food” chicken.  If you have a hankering for local protein, the highest quality and humanely raised, email Amy or me and we’ll keep you posted.

 Steve Warshawer


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