Weekly Update from Steve for June 11 & 12

Hello members,

This week Shiroz Vineyard apricots continue AND we will have a few of the very special Shiroz figs.  The cultivar that we will be enjoying this week originates in Iran, and it is too tender to ever be seen for sale in a store.  Only with our extraordinary direct connection to Shiroz via the La Montanita COOP Distribution Center truck can such products make it to kitchens in Santa Fe.  Well, maybe they will not make it that far, how many of you will eat them in the car/truck or for lunch, before they even get home?

Initial feedback from the blog survey, as well as comments from members, show that nearly everyone wants the same amount of greens or even more.  We will roll out a “special order system” next week so that members can get extra greens.  It will be difficult to manage this at Outside Mag and at Saint John’s College, but we will find some way.  Details will follow so watch for update by email and blog over the weekend, and we will want to gather extra orders for Monday

This week the amazing Mesa Top “Spring of greens” continues.  Neighbors on the mesa are observing that we have not had a spring this cool, on into July in 20 years.  The greens are thriving, as is the BROCOLLI!  Which snuck up on us.  This week we have a nice bag of super fine fresh broccoli for each share.

The Hakura turnips are ready.  They are sweet and tasty.  Especially if you never liked a turnip before, you will want to give these a try.  Use them in salad, raw, and sliced.  The greens on the hakuras are TERRIFIC for cooking.  The Kale is good for cooking as well.  The big arugula may be a bit spicy for some as a raw, salad ingredient, and it also will cook quite nicely:  steamed or lightly sautéed and added to a tomato sauce over pasta.

For your salads, we have the lettuce mix and radishes, and hakura turnips, and mizuna.  For some, the arugula will also be salad worthy or it can also be lightly cooked.

Believe it or not, we have more greens that we have not even touched yet:  in particular red chard!  And the collards that were so spectacular last week will be back next week.

Next week we will finally see the carrots from Desert Gardens (dare I mention them again). And we may have early cabbage as well.  I hope that folks can see the abundance and value in the share:  if we are giving you more than you can handle, perhaps sharing an item or two with a friend or possible new member, or leaving it for us to pass along to Kitchen Angels.  In other words, even if you are not able to eat everything, if there are some items that are not your favorites, the “package deal” is a good value and we hope you can enjoy it and find ways to share it when necessary.  You can also check the blog for “processing” instructions:  blanching and freezing the extra cooking greens. 

Remember that the CSA welcomes new members at any time.  You are our best ambassadors.  Thank you again for your support.

Steve Warshawer


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