Weekly Update from Steve for 5/28

Hello members,

We rescheduled last Saturday’s activities, in response to the wonderful spring rain:  Farm Volunteer Day this Saturday, May 30th.  Amy Hetager will lead the group this month, and plans to carpool from Santa Fe at 9am.  Contact Amy at 505-473-1403 or blog@beneficialfarm.com so that we have an RSVP as well as carpool options.  There will also be a pot-luck after the volunteering. 

Also Saturday, May 30th at 4:30pm Steve will host a gardener’s at the Milagro Community Garden.  I will offer suggestions in response to any questions about gardening in Northern New Mexico. 

This week is the breakout week for Mesa Top Farm as our spring greens are coming in strong:  Besides the excellent salad greens from Mesa Top and Harmony, You will receive the first of the year cooking greens:  kale and baby bok choi. Collards next week, and carrots from Desert gardens are expected as well.

We are planning to deliver to you our first local strawberries from Heidi’s raspberry farm.  Next week if all goes well we will have the first of the season apricots from Shiroz Vineyard.  (I will be making a one-day loop through Southern NM to drop off boxes and take a look at the crop, at Shiroz…  All indications are that we will start next week!!!)  So it looks like the out of region fruit will not be needed!

The last of the 2008 fall crop potatoes will also come in from White Mountain Farm next week, and we will distribute them one or two more times as well.

We are pretty much right on schedule as the variety usually becomes more interesting from Memorial Day on.  Keep us informed of your suggestions and comments.

Thank you for your support of the CSA, and please pass the word to friends and co-workers

Steve Warshawer


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