Weekly Update from Steve for 5/14

Hello members,

This week features an explosion of greens.  We are still keeping the share value down, as we do not want to bury you totally in greens, and this way save some dollars for weeks to come when more variety will be available.

But we could not resist offering a hefty portion of braising mix from harmony farm:  the value and quality is just too good to be true!  You can lightly stir-fry or blanch it, or use it in salad.  We are also introducing a new farm this week, East Mountain Organics, on the east side of the Manzano Mountains South of Tijeras.  EMO will help us keep a diversity of salad greens on your plates.  And Mesa Top farm makes its first appearance of 2009 with some tender greenhouse arugula.

We are looking ahead to turnips in the next couple of weeks, along with a steady supply of radishes, to mix it up a bit with the salad greens.  The greenhouse tomatoes have passed their peak, and if we offer them it will only be sporadically.

And for some REAL exciting news, I have gotten word through the COOP Warehouse that there may be some local strawberries in our future!!!  Maybe next week but likely the week after!  Pretty exciting.  Lets keep our fingers crossed!

One of the projects of the CSA this year is to support our members gardens and the community gardens.  Toward that end we direct your attention to several events scheduled this month:

May 17th: 2pm at the Milagro Community Garden.  Alice Lee is a CSA member, community garden member and a Master Gardener and she will present garden books and resources.  It would be a good event for CSA members to come out the garden as well.  (Milagro Community Garden is located behind the Lutheran Church next to Sam’s Club on Rodeo Road,)

The monthly Farm Volunteer Day will start this month on May 23rd.  Amy Hetager will lead the group this month, and plans to carpool from Santa Fe at 9am.  Contact Amy at 473-1403 if you plan to attend.  There will also be a pot-luck after the volunteering.  The farm will provide a main course and plenty of salad.

May 23rd at 4:30pm Steve will host a session at the Milagro Community Garden about gardening in New Mexico.  This conversation will address whatever issues and questions are arising for our gardeners as the season unfolds.

Thank you for your support,

Steve Warshawer



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2 responses to “Weekly Update from Steve for 5/14

  1. Cathy Miller

    Wow, Steve! It’s a whole new co-op!!! Congrats, everything looks terrific–especially your writing! Love the convenience of the automatic debit. Good improvements! 🙂

    • beneficialfarmscsa

      Yes, it is a whole new world. We are really workign to build the CSA as a gateway experience to engage people in the local and regional food system at many levels, in a fun and interestign and valuable way. Pattie and Amy will send out “Connecting the Dots” to tell the background of CSAs.

      welcome back !!!

      Steve W

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