Organize your CSA Food

Welcome to the new CSA Year.  Pattie and I enjoyed meeting you at the distributions this week.  I wanted to talk about the food shares and share some ways to organize your food.  I will have more blog posts on how to prepare the food.  If you have tips, please email me at and I can post them.  Here is a link to a blog called the Kitchn that discusses 7 tips for organizing your CSA food.  Click here for the blog

This week had three greens.  I eat the arugula raw and cook the other two greens.  I took 30 minutes on Friday afternoon to wilt my spinach and chard.  This helps me conserve space in the fridge and encourages me to eat the greens in more dishes.  I wash the greens in a colander and pull off the stems.  The spinach has a stem at the bottom that is easy to break off.  The chard has a stem inside the leaf and I usually remove it for softer greens.  I chop the greens into long strands.  I start a pan with a little olive oil and add the wet greens.  The water helps them wilt at a consistent rate.  I have a pot lid that I place over the greens for 60 seconds or so to encourage wilting.  The only seasoning that I add is salt.  That way I can use the greens in different dishes.  I let them cool and place in a container in the fridge.

I used the greens in scrambled eggs on Saturday morning and in mashed potatoes on Saturday night.  Cooking is easier when one ingredient is prepared.

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger


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