Steve’s Weekly Update for 4/23

Hello members,

With the last gasp of winter moisture and now the pendulum swing toward summer, garden work goes into “manic mode”…

I am traveling a long route through eastern and southern NM, visiting several farms.  Temperatures here are expected to be in the 90s today. I will stop by Garden Hers Farm.  Luz says that her “spring garden” is finished.

I will also go to Salem, between Hatch and T or C and visit Desert Gardens.  Keith and Sherry have a spring garden going for us also.  They have spinach, which will be interesting to see how it fares in this heat.  Also they have carrots and broccoli and cauliflower that we will see during May. 

I also visited the oldest organic dairy in NM out in the middle of nowhere south or Portales.  The farm is located in a mostly dry land area and the drought has been rough on them.  The milk was all going to horizon dairy.  The farmer does a fabulous job with 1000 cows.  Now he has built a new facility near Amarillo and is moving the herd over.  I am invited to help figure out how to transform the facility into something new.  We are discussing using the feeding yard for organic beef, and converting the milk parlor to butter making.  It will be an interesting process as this farmer is a successful businessman who is not shy about investing in his businesses!!!

Thanks to those of you who attended the gardening workshop.  Be sure to let Amy know what you need in seedlings or row covers for your gardens.  It sounds like many of you are growing vegetables this summer and it will be exciting to see some pictures on the garden website.

Also I encourage any of you who are interested to come to the Santa Fe Complex on Agua Fria on Thursday night to hear about an innovative “capital cooperative” that is being formed to help local people invest in local businesses.  It is called Capulin Cooperative.

Thanks for your support and enjoy the emergence of spring.

Steve W



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2 responses to “Steve’s Weekly Update for 4/23

  1. Marilyn Barnes

    Strawberries from CA would be fine

    • beneficialfarmscsa

      Thank you for the comment. I am posting a strawberry poll on Friday and we hope that you vote your preferences.


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