Steve’s Weekly Update for 4/2

Hello Members,

Strawberry follow-up:  it will be another couple of weeks until the flush of berries from Sandpiper Organic Farm comes in.  That’s when we will offer them to the CSA, as part of the share, and also as a special order item, for people who want more that the share quantity.  We expect to receive 1 lb units, and the price will be shocking, but I do not have the final details yet.

This week’s distribution will include beefsteak tomatoes, instead of the heirlooms that we have been receiving for the last few weeks.  The hothouse cukes are almost over, so enjoy them while you can.

This week we will also receive our first greens from Garden-hers Farm in Dona Ana NM, 10 miles north of Las Cruces.  Luz Hernandez farms about 3 acres with sustainable and chemical free methods, She is not certified organic, but I have been working with her for 3 years now to identify best crops for her soil and climate and helping her with marketing via the CSA.  She is very happy to be a part of our CSA and later this year we will get our early onions from her.  In the next couple of weeks we also expect to receive radishes and arugula from Luz. 

We will also include a change of pace:  ¼ lb or raw milk mild cheddar cheese (with Jalapeno peppers) from grass fed cows at Twin Mountain Milk house in Del Norte Colorado.  All of the Beneficial Ayrshires that are milking age live there now, and so we will be able to offer this special artisan cheese, which sells for $20 per lb at the COOP, to members 20% less, as part of the CSA or on a special order basis.  We do not expect to include the cheese in the shares during the summer season, but would like to include it again next fall.  Meanwhile we would like to offer it as a special order item.  We welcome your feedback on the cheese.  There are other types of cheddar, such as peppercorn, and plain, and gouda is also available.

April is the kickoff month for a lot of gardening activities at Mesa Top Farm and also in community and backyard gardens around Santa Fe.  We have a link on the blog web site to direct members to several gardening related activities that are supported by and supporting the CSA.  Please take a look and post any questions in the forums. Here is the link-

Also we have added a link called “media” on the Blog, which provides connections to recent coverage of the CSA including the outstanding KUNM radio news piece that aired last Thursday, and the Santa Fe Reporter Locavore issue of a few weeks ago.  If you missed any of these, perhaps you will want to check them out.  It is a great way to introduce friends and possible future members to the CSA.

Last week we included the hibiscus tea from New Moon Naturals in Charlottesville, VA. As a gift item and many members who pick up at KA accepted this gift.  Amy has emailed all of the remote site members to see who would also appreciate this item, and for those of you who respond we will include the tea this week.

Thank you for your continued support.

Steve W


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