Steve’s Weekly Update for 3/12

Hello Members,

Food Safety issues and the emerging discussion of the definition of Sustainability are still the hot topics in my national level policy and outreach work.  I am going to two more conferences in DC next week.  One for the small scale, organic, sustainable segment of agriculture and the other for the large scale, global segment.  I get to attend both.   I continue to push the idea that a healthy food system includes all scales, from small to large, and all levels in between, and that we ALL must adapt and improve our practices toward the highest social and economic value…

Look for some mention of Beneficial in the Reporter “Devour” issue, and our ad for membership.  We are diligently trying to build our numbers so we can offer maximum value to our farmers and our members.

One another note, it is increasingly clear that the ongoing economic distress is really cutting into people’s ability to pay ahead more than the monthly CSA share minimum.  Our idea of getting substantial early payments to help with investments in our local farmers is looking entirely unrealistic for this year.  THAT’S OKAY!!!  We can all deal with this just fine.  PLEASE do not feel that if you are OBLIGATED to make an early payment and help us build a pool of $$$ for farmer investment.  PLEASE do not feel that if you are not able to do this that you are not fulfilling your responsibility as a CSA member.  This is a fluid process.  We make the best of what we have to work with, in all directions.  Our farmers value the support of the CSA in whatever form it takes.  PLEASE renew as soon as you can, but do not worry if the payments have to be spread out to make your family budget work.  Pattie and Amy will be visiting with as many of you as possible during the CSA distribution this week in order to review our plans for direct bank payment.  You will see than at your distribution area.

Thank you for helping us build the CSA in an efficient and well managed way.  This is what it takes for us to create value for members and farmers, by reducing our overhead.

This week is the first of what I hope will be several weeks of outstanding heirloom tomatoes from Growing Opportunities, pesticide and herbicide free hydroponic growers in Alcalde, NM.  These have been very expensive but due to s sudden surge in production, we can get a bit of a bargain for the members while helping the farmer make the most of his surplus.

Other than that, things are pretty much “status quo” with our apples, sprouts, potatoes, and cukes.  The cukes have also surged a bit in quantity, so we have been able to reduce the price some. 

Thank you for your support, and remember to let us know of your special order needs.

Steve W


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