Weekly Update from Steve for 3/5

 Hello Members,

I had a fruitful trip to Washington DC and La Crosse Wisconsin last week.  A lot of time was focused on developing response from various sectors of the fresh fruit and vegetable industry to pending federal initiatives to add regulations on farmers in an attempt to reduce the outbreaks of food borne illness that are increasingly impacting our population.

The “conventional wisdom: form small farmers, especially those who direct market has been “its not us, we’re not the problem, industrial ag. is the problem.”  I have no doubt that this is largely true.  Speaking for myself as a farmer, I have to also admit that by getting this deeply involved in understanding food safety issues, I can now see and am implementing improvements to my farm operation that address food safety.  The goal is to minimize risk, and we can all do a better job of that.  

On to the food!

The lovely run of Harmony carrots is over, sad to say.  We have just a little bit of garlic left.  It is old, so the best way to work with it is to peel it and freeze it if you cannot use it right away.  Freezer garlic handles just as well as fresh garlic for nearly all uses.

In the next few weeks more diverse greens should begin tricking in.  Meanwhile, we will be asking you for guidance on spinach, which will be a staple for the next couple of months or more:  what is a reasonable weekly share size for spinach?

The hothouse cuke cost is dropping so we will keep giving them regularly.  If the cost drops enough, we will go to 2 cukes per week. 

This week is a “fresh apple juice” week!  I hope everyone is enjoying the superb flavor of this very high quality local food.

We solved the butternut squash shortage by splitting the squash here at Mesa Top.  This gave is the added benefit of saving the seeds, which we need for next year.  This is the last of the winter squash until fall.

We are working on a farm workshop schedule:  watch for more information later this week.  The first event is tentatively planned for Saturday, March 21:  morning farm work session, farm lunch for volunteers, and beginning biodynamic workshop in the afternoon. 

Thank you for your support, and remember to let us know of your special order needs, and also please do what you can financially to help us help our farmers by making early payment for your summer share.

 Steve W


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