Weekly update from Steve 2/5

Hello Members,

I hope that you have had a chance to read the article that I wrote last week, titled “Connecting the dots”.  It is a fairly succinct history CSA movement in general and of Beneficial Farms CSA in particular.  This week I will concentrate on product information.

We will continue to offer the Sungreen Living Foods sprouts until the local spinach starts, hopefully in the next week or two.  We will reduce the sprouts then, but not eliminate them totally until the amount of greens increases significantly later in the spring.  We will offer other sprout varieties form time to time.

After we processed the last batch of Velarde Apples, we still have a lot of Shiraz quince left.  So we did some research and came up with a tasty quince butter, with lemon juice, and that will be also part of this week’s distribution.

This week we will have the last Meyer lemons from South Texas Organics, and next week will likely be the last Rio Star grapefruits.

I have located some garlic from Southern Colorado that I hoped would be here this week, but due to a change in the COOP truck schedule; it will not arrive until next week.  There will be about ½ lb per share, which we will probably distribute over a 2-week period to be sure that if someone misses a week, they do not lose out totally on the garlic.

The pink lady apples are very good and so is the fresh apple juice from Big Bs.  We will alternate weeks with those two items for a while.

The fingerling potatoes are very tasty and we will alternate them with a larger, less expensive baker or similar potato.

This week the greenhouse cucumbers begin.  I have made a commitment to use them in the CSA for a few weeks in a row.  They are a bit expensive when the first come out.  But I know that we all want more local vegetables.  We will survey you soon, before the 3 weeks are over, to see if there are strong feelings for or against continuing to offer them regularly until some other local options become available.

I will make one last buy of the organic butternut from Mexico.  I have some very large Mesa Top butternuts still, but not enough for all members to get a share.  When we distribute the Mesa Top squash, we will be asking members to save the seeds and send them back to us, as these are the best squash from a production and storage standpoint and we will be using the seeds next year.  We will distribute the butternut squash 2 more times at most, and then they will be done.  We will also have one more small distribution of pie pumpkins, probably next week.

After this week there will also be an occasional non-produce item in the share, until the veggies increase.  We have several items to choose from such as raw milk cheese, peanut butter, and honey, to name a few.  Please remember to go to the blog and vote your preference on culinary herbs.

Remember that we continue to offer our special order dairy items:  raw milk and raw milk yogurt from Mesa Top Farm, chickens, from Mesa Top, as well as 25 lb bags of unbleached white flour, locally grown wheat milled at the historic, antique Valencia Flour mill at Jarales.  This wheat is the same wheat that comprises the primary component of the diet of Mesa Top chickens.

Please consider making your deposit or payment for the summer CSA as soon as your finances permit, so we can invest in our local farmers and increase the availability of local foods for the CSA this coming season.

Thank you for your support and thank you for your suggestions, questions, and comments.

Steve W


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