Cooking Tips and Recipes from Members

Here is a post of cooking tips and recipe links from members. Let me know if you have any additional tips.

Amy Hetager, CSA blogger



– Member Pattie had an idea for using pomegranates, if you still have a few.  Cut them open and save the seeds in your refrigerator.  This will help you add them to salad dressings or fruit salads without cutting them individually.

-I made flavored vinegar with pomegranates.  It was really just placing ingredients into a mason jar and waiting 2-3 weeks.  Here is the link to the recipes.

– A few members had made chunky applesauce from the Pink Lady apples and it was wonderful.  I posted applesauce recipes last week.  Click here to see them.

– I used the applesauce with quince to make an applesauce cake. I made a few modifications such as replacing ½ cup all-purpose flour with white whole wheat. I also replaced half of the butter with additional applesauce. I also added more powdered ginger and a tsp of allspice. The texture of the cake batter was unusual, but I baked it and it was fantastic. Click here for the recipe.

– Member Pattie had a tip if you have squash on your counter. Roast them all at the same time. Use what you need and then freeze the remainder. I have 2 squash frozen and it is great to use in soups or sauces.
Additional tips and recipes
Recipe for Polenta (please note 12oz is 1.5 cups)
Recipe for Lasagne
Recipe for Pasta
Recipe for Gratin
Recipe for Bean and Squash Soup


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