Cooking tip updates on rutabaga and persimmons

Good morning.  We had a few updates on rutabagas and persimmons.  Some of you mentioned that you froze the persimmon pulp for later use.  Keep the tips and recipes coming.


  • Member Eric used persimmons to marinate chicken.  This is a great tip for those of you looking for savory recipes.
  • I made persimmon muffins from the recipe on the PERSIMMON page. The cooking time was about 30 minutes for the muffins.  Here is the link
  • persimmon bread


I made the rutabaga bread this week.  I cubed the rutabaga and boiled for 30-40 minutes.  Then I placed in the blender with some of the cooking water.  The bread makes nice toast with pomegranate jam in the morning.  I added comments to that entry for a few changes.  Here they are again.

1. The recipe calls for a small loaf pan so check yours before you make the batter. I doubled the recipe for 1 loaf.

2. I cut back on the sugar by 1/3 cup

3. The bread is moist, but missing a little zing. I would have added currants or cranberries as well as pecans.

See you at distribution.

Amy Hetager, CSA blogger


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